“The physical demands to be face down for 10 days following retinal detachment surgery required steely determination.  After sitting in a massage chair for two days the pain in my neck and back was debilitating and rendered me completely despondent.  After receiving the FaceDownWalker®, I was able to be pain free and mobile around the house and even the backyard.  Even though I had already started my recovery period, it was worth it to have several pain free days.  I truly do not know how I would have coped without the FaceDownWalker®  It helped me physically and emotionally recover.”

- Helen R. - Los Angeles, California


“Having now recovered from two retinal detachments, I’ve learned the importance of healing emotionally as well as physically.  Recovery from my first retinal detachment was a painful experience.  It wasn’t from the surgery, it was neck and back pain from maintaining a face-down position.  After my second detachment, I discovered the FaceDownWalker®It was a totally different experience!  I was able to be active and free of neck and back pain while recoveringThe FaceDownWalker® was critical to my mental well-being, enabling me to be engaged with my family while staying fully compliant with my doctor’s orders."

- Sal P. - California


"Dear Wayde,

Facing an upcoming Vitrectomy procedure to one of my eyes, I was handed a brochure of rental equipment for the necessary face-down recovery period following right after it. While checking it out online I came across the FaceDownWalker®What a great idea, I thought.  That will break up the monotony and relieve the expected neck pain.  I signed up for the rental.  I cannot say enough good things about the FaceDownWalker®.  It allowed me to free myself from the chair for a good amount of the day.  It felt wonderful to get outside and walk up and down the fairly quiet streets around our house.  The FaceDownWalker® made the face-down ordeal much more manageable.

Thank you Wayde, for the genius idea, which I know can help many more people faced with having to recover from a Vitrectomy operation."

- Renate S. - Calistoga, California


"The FacedownWalker was a life saver for me! I don't know how I would have maintained my face-down position for a week without it! It allowed me to move around and not feel the confinement of the massage chair that many people are limited too. It came a few days before my surgery so that I could adjust it to my size and become familiar with it.

Wayde was so helpful and encouraging. I recommend this to anyone having to maintain a face-down position for any amount of time!

- TerriAnne G. - Petaluma, CA


"I think one of the hardest things about getting a vitrectomy is that the doctors don't always tell you all the ins and outs of the recovery. All they tell you is that you have to keep your face down for a number of days and that you have to sleep on your stomach, face down.

When I talked to Wayde of FaceDownWalker®, he clued me in to how difficult and demanding this was going to be and that I'd want a way to vary my position to help with mobility and comfort. His FaceDownWalker® definitely helped with my recovery. It was easy to set up and wear and held my head at the perfect angle so I could bend more from the waist as opposed to my neck.

If you have to have a vitrectomy, definitely rent a FaceDownWalker®. It will help keep you comfortable and SANE!"

- Boni P. - LA, CA


"My wife really appreciated having the freedom to walk around without having to strain her neck and back thanks to the FaceDownWalker. If anyone has retina surgery with having to keep their face down during recovery, we highly recommend using this device. "

- Jim K. - Torrance, CA


"I wanted to write and offer comments on the recent use of the FaceDownWalker device.  A few months back, my wife Madeline began to experience so-called "floaters" and distorted vision in her left eye.  After numerous examinations, it was determined that she had a condition called Macular Hole.  Although not considered to be serious, it did require surgery.  The procedure involves placing an air/gas bubble within the eye after removal of the "gel" within the eye.  The air/gas bubble is designed to apply pressure to the Macular to close the hole.  Consequently, the more face down you are, the more the bubble does its job.  

Perhaps the more difficult part of this procedure is the "face-down" requirement for, in most cases, up to two weeks.  Stories differ from doctor to doctor, however it is suggested that the patient remain in a face-down position for at least 90% of the day (night too).  For someone not familiar with face down, this is quite a hurdle to overcome.  The standard equipment given upon release from the hospital is a foam device shaped like a wedge with an opening for your face.  The idea being, in a sitting position at a table, you should lean forward placing your face in the opening.  Try that for two weeks!  Other suggested positions, at least during the daylight hours; face down on the couch, face down at the kitchen table, try eating face down.  Nights can be a challenge since its face down in bed too.

One would think a person could go out of their mind having to do face-down!  Remember, it's for your own good.  Well, in our attempts to make the two weeks a little easier, we came across...via the internet...  This device fits like a harness causing your head to tilt slightly downward...but downward enough to keep the air/gas bubble in a position where it does its job assisting in applying pressure to the Macular.  Enter FaceDownWalker...  the device provided a few hours a day of relief to my wife's neck and back, the strain can cause neck and back pains... plus, it broke the monotony of sitting, or laying.  We were able to walk around the backyard, even a few walks through our neighbourhood.  The key to this device is... it relieves neck and back pain, but as important, it gives you a sense of freedom from having to be face-down.

My wife and I are not physicians and are not in a position to offer any medical advice, but we can comment on the benefit of the FaceDownWalker for those who must endure any procedure requiring face-down recovery.

For those of you who read this, we wish you a speedy recovery..."

Best Regards

- Bill P. - Pennsylvania


"Since my husband had a Macular Hole, I was more concerned about his prescribed one week therapy than I was for the actual surgery!

The therapy consists of keeping your head down (as if reading a book or iPad) 24/7 for one week. What a daunting task. Luckily in my research, we were fortunate to find the “FaceDownWalker®.” This unit worked so well for my husband relieving the stress and the tension in his neck and shoulder muscles while still allowing him the flexibility to move around.

As a teacher, I always need to get all the info I can before making decisions. Well, the opportunity afforded me in conversing with Wayde personally, helped tremendously in erasing any fears or doubts I may have had.

In closing, may I suggest to all having this dilemma, check out the FaceDownWalker® and if in doubt talk with Wayde, who will walk you thru the process."

- Nanci B. - Crown Point, IN


"The FaceDownWalker® used during my recovery period from macular hole surgery was a lifesaver. It afforded me the ability to move around my home and yard, all while remaining face-down.  I was also able to enjoy short walks in my neighbourhood. Wayde was very helpful and provided excellent service throughout the process.

Thanks again!"

- Carlene T. - Macon, Georgia


"The FaceDownWalker® has been a treasure for my mother.  I was not only concerned about the Vitrectomy surgery but I was extremely worried about the recovery period.  The doctor ordered that she remain face-down for 14 days.  My mother is very active and I knew that this would be a challenge for her.  After researching the internet for vitrectomy medical equipment, we realized that there was a wide array of medical equipment, but none of them allowed mobility.  We found the basic equipment such as the chair, pillow for sleeping and the face support stand. When we found the FaceDownWalker®, we were pleased to see that it would allow my mother to walk during this recovery period.

The website was easy to navigate and we placed the order online. The customer service was outstanding. After placing the order, we were contacted within a few hours.  Wayde was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient.  The device arrived a couple days before her surgery and it came with clear directions and was easy to adjust. We also brought the FaceDownWalker® to her doctor's appointment to see if he approved of the positioning of her head.  He noted that when she was in the FaceDownWalker® that her face was parallel to the ground and in the correct positioning.  He was extremely impressed with the device too.

Throughout her recovery process, she used it daily up to 6 hours at a time. The FaceDownWalker® not only took all of the pressure off the neck and the lower back, but it also allowed movement which helped her physically, mentally and emotionally during this stressful time. Unlike the other vitrectomy equipment, my mother could remain in the FaceDownWalker® for quite some time without the severe neck, back, and forehead pain.

We were amazed with the product and service. I would highly recommend the FaceDownWalker®!

This is essential medical equipment that supports the recovery period after a Vitrectomy.

Thank you for the FaceDownWalker!"

- Michele W. - Alameda, California


"Thank you for your help Wayde. My surgery went well. The FaceDownWalker® was helpful during 8 days of face-down positioning, giving me a safe option for moving around while keeping in the face-down position. I also appreciate your kind assistance on the phone in reviewing the device before I rented it."

- Pat G. - Olympia, Washington


"The most accurate and heartfelt words I can say are THANK YOU for inventing a product that no one else is thinking of.  I looked all over Atlanta for a product that would keep my head face-down after my retinal detachment surgery.  There was nothing in the stores.  I looked in major chains.  I even went to small owner-based pharmacies.  No one had any idea where I could get this kind of equipment.  I went online and a miracle had been created.

The FaceDownWalker®’s biggest contribution for me is that it eased the tension on my back.  Staying still for hours in a position with little movement started to really torture my back.  When we made the adjustments to put the FaceDownWalker® on I actually could feel the relief immediatelyIt was worth renting as I am on my way to recovering, and each doctor's visit gave me a good report.  If I hadn't found this amazing product I may have lost my sight completely because staying still for 20 hours a day for an active person is almost impossible.  This product gave me some semblance of freedom and peace of mind that my eye would heal properly.

Wayde was amazing.  He didn't treat like a paycheck he treated me like a friend.  He was so kind, courteous and concerned about my well-being that I was actually in tears.  Today's society doesn't encourage this kind of humanity anymore.  Even though this all costs dollars and cents, the price you pay can never be measured when it comes down to your well-being and being treated like a real person.  I am so grateful for my sight and the FaceDownWalker®."

Thank you,

- Rhoda Brawner - Atlanta, Georgia


“Hi Wayde,

My eye surgery went well and I am recovering without problems so far.  I loved the FaceDownWalker®! It made the 7 days of face-down time much easier since it allowed me to get up and move around my house without neck and back pain and decreased my stress level. It worked very well and was very easy to adjust to fit my body. I would definitely order the FaceDownWalker® again if I needed more eye surgery requiring face-down time!  I gave all the info sheets you gave me to my eye surgeon who was impressed with the device.

Thx, Joan”

- Joan R. - Greeley, Colorado


"As a retired RN of 30 years, I knew I needed to be prepared for my macular hole surgery and for the face-down recovery period of 5 days. I had the opportunity to try the FaceDownWalker®, along with other equipment, that I knew I’d need for that recovery, ahead of time. Even though I thought I was prepared, I was not prepared for the significant neck pain I experienced while actually trying to use the usual face-down equipment. When I switched to the FaceDownWalker®, I was pleasantly surprised to feel so much relief. My neck and shoulder pain went away within minutes! It gave me the much-needed break from the static positioning of the other face-down equipment. In addition to that, I also experienced very personable support and wonderful customer service from the owner of the FaceDownWalker® company."

- Sarah D. - Sacramento, California


"The FaceDownWalker® used during my recovery period from macular hole surgery was a lifesaver. It afforded me the ability to move around my home and yard all while remaining face-down. I also was able to enjoy short walks in my neighbourhood. Wayde was very helpful and provided excellent service throughout the process.

Thanks again!"

- Carlene T. - Olympia, Washington



I want to thank you for the FaceDownWalker® and your advice. I had macular hole surgery so I had to hold my head down so that I can heal properly. Well, when I had to actually do it, it wasn't easy. My face on the surgery side was a bit sensitive. The pillows on the equipment that I had rented bothered me and I could not get comfortable. I got tired of sitting and laying down. After I had adjusted the FaceDownWalker® and put my head in the sling, my goodness, my neck and shoulders just relaxed with no pressure on my face and I just hung there initially, amazed at the difference in the support of my head. I went for a nice walk up and down my street with my trusty walker, fresh air and exercise did wonders and without pain. This is what I needed. I want to thank you for getting me the FaceDownWalker® back to me after my doctor changed her schedule causing me to send it back and then putting me back to the original schedule. You care and I really feel it. I know you will do well with this invention."

- Denise M. - Vallejo, Ca


"Dear Wayde,

Thank you for the FaceDownWalker®. It was very helpful in keeping me sane during my recovery. My doctor said I could walk around as long as my head was down. On the first day after surgery, I was feeling pretty good so my husband and I decided to take a walk outside. I decided not to use the FaceDownWalker®. We did not get very far, about half a block and had to come back because my neck was hurting.

Later that day we went for another walk with me wearing the FaceDownWalker®. NO PAIN!!! We walked about a block and a half. Since then we have gone for a walk every day with me wearing the FaceDownWalker®. We have been walking about a mile and a half daily with no neck pain. I will recommend the FaceDownWalker® to my surgeon when I go back for a follow up in the few days.

Thank you very much for this invention. Getting outside was very helpful in helping me cope with lying face down for a week. It is also helpful in helping me prevent blood clots in my legs from my inactivity. This is a fantastic tool for vitrectomy surgery recovery!

Sincerely yours, Cindy"

- Cindy H. - Anchorage, Alaska


"The FaceDownWalker® helped me a lot.  It sure was helpful to be able to stand and walk about and not just sit or lie down.  I am doing great, just came from the doctor and he was very pleased with my progress.  I would definitely recommend your FaceDownWalker® to anyone that has to be in a face-down position for any length of time.

Thanks for coming up with this and good luck to you."

- Loree W. - South Carolina


"My fiancé really enjoyed the FaceDownWalker®, it was a big relief that he could walk outside and around the house without jeopardizing the doctors’ orders to keep his head down. And he was so tired of the chair. Good luck with your business, I hope more people will come to know about it! Thank you so much!"

- G.F. - Florida


"The FaceDownWalker® made a very difficult situation bearable. I would highly recommend the FaceDownWalker® to assist with your eye surgery recovery. It will give you the freedom you need to be mobile."

- Miriam B. - Pennsylvania


"My wife recently had eye surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii. Prior to the surgery, we made arrangements to have the FaceDownWalker®, sent to the Big Island of Hawaii. The instructions are very easy to follow and the unit comes completely assembled. My wife wears this up to six hours at a time. Would recommend this product to anyone who is having retina surgery and has to keep their head down during recovery. She was also able to watch her favourite movies and shows on the IPad."

- Gary B. - Hawaii


"After finding out I had a hole in my retina, I began researching various types of equipment to help with my recovery.  When I stumbled upon the FaceDownWalker®, I chuckled when I saw the picture.  But I rented it anyway in case I needed some additional relief.  Little did I know the amount of discomfort I would feel in my neck, shoulders and lower back as I had to keep my head down for 10 days, 23 hours a day.  I had the massage chair, table and facial pillows but that prohibited me from moving around my home.  The FaceDownWalker® allowed me to be mobile.  It gave me just the right amount of relief to make this journey bearable."

- Dianne U. - Long Island, New York


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