1. Unbuckle the belt and unfold the backpack.


















2. Place the pin into the hole.








3. Push the pin ALL the way down, repeat for other pin.








Directions on how to properly put on and adjust the FaceDownWalker®:

*NOTE: A companion must escort the patient at all times while wearing the unit. Using a walker is highly recommended.

1. The purpose of the FaceDownWalker® is to carry the weight of your head off of your neck and onto your hips. It is shipped with all of the straps intentionally loose so that you can pull them tight to fit your body shape.







vitrectomy recovery equipment
vitrectomy recovery equipment
vitrectomy recovery equipment
vitrectomy recovery equipment
vitrectomy recovery equipment

2. Before putting the FaceDownWalker® on, look for the strap running up and down between the triangularly shaped back pad on the top of the unit and the hip pad/belt on the bottom.

3. To properly fit the size of your back, you can adjust the length of this strap to make it longer or shorter so that the hip belt can move up or down. This is very important to properly fit the length of your back, please do this first.

4. Put the FaceDownWalker® on with both arms through the shoulder straps. Hunch your shoulders slightly up and lean slightly forward.

5. Make sure the hip belt is sitting on the top of your hipbones. Insert the hip belt buckles until they click closed, like a seat belt.

6. Pull on the belt strap to tighten it.

7. Then pull the cinch straps on both sides of the main belt to tighten as much as possible. The bottom of the hip belt should be sitting on the top of your hipbones.

8. Pull on the shoulder straps and tighten until the backpack is against the top of your shoulder blades and tight against your chest.

9. Connect the sternum (chest) strap buckle and tighten until the tops of the shoulder straps are centered between your neck and your arms. For maximum comfort, you may move this strap slightly up or down by sliding it along the shoulder straps.

10. Flip/rotate the "C" ring at the top of the FaceDownWalker® forward from the flat position against the back of the pack until it stops rotating into position over your head.

vitrectomy recovery equipment

11. Drop the forehead strap into place in front of your face. Lower your forehead onto the sheepskin pad. To properly maintain position, lean slightly forward at the waist so that all of the weight rests on your hips. Your face should be in a horizontal, face down position.

vitrectomy recovery equipment

12. If needed you can adjust the length of the forehead strap. On the top of the strap, pull apart the hook & loop strap. Make it longer or shorter as needed then reconnect the hook & loop strap. Adjust the sheepskin forehead pad by sliding into position at the bottom center of the loop. Lower and rest your forehead down onto the sheepskin pad.

13. To take the FaceDownWalker® off, open by un-clicking the belt and sternum (chest) strap buckles and slide your arms out of the shoulder straps.


If you have any questions please call Wayde at 323-447-3222

*NOTE: A companion must escort the patient at all times while wearing the FaceDownWalker®


See Recovery Solutions, LLC assumes no responsibility if you trip, fall, or otherwise harm yourself or others or any items while wearing the unit.