Rental Terms

FaceDownWalker® Rental Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer:

We would like to thank you for choosing the FaceDownWalker® from See Recovery Solutions, LLC.  The FaceDownWalker® was developed during a personal experience to make vitrectomy surgery recovery more bearable.  Your physical, as well as your mental health during this recovery period is what has inspired us to make this device available to you.  We hope to make your life easier during your recovery.  Carefully read the General Rental Conditions below before you commit to a rental.  By committing to a rental you accept and legally agree to these conditions.

We wish you a healthy and successful recovery!


See Recovery Solutions, LLC specifically requests that the user of the FaceDownWalker® use a walker as well as be accompanied and supervised at all times while wearing the unit.  See Recovery Solutions, LLC shall in no way be held responsible for any injuries or damages, which may result while using the FaceDownWalker®.

Rental rates are in U.S. dollars and may be subject to change without notice.  Shipping, return shipping fees and shipping durations are determined solely by UPS and are in addition to the rental rates contained herein unless otherwise indicated.  A handling fee and return fee are added to the displayed UPS fee.

A $50.00 cleaning fee will be added to any order rented by smokers or used in a smoking environment.  If the lessee is a smoker or will be using the FaceDownWalker® in a smoking environment check the “smoking yes” box.

See Recovery Solutions, LLC cannot, for any reason, including rescheduled surgery, provide a refund on an early return of the FaceDownWalker® unit.  The lessee must call See Recovery Solutions, LLC to alert us if there is a change in the rental duration.

UPS provides shipping and fees vary depending on the location of the lessee.  UPS does not count weekends or holidays as delivery days.  The lessee must count only business days when figuring out delivery times.  The lessee is advised of said costs at the time the order is placed.   The UPS shipping fee includes the shipping to the lessee and the return shipping/handling fee.  Any change made to the delivery address after the merchandise has left the warehouse may be subject to additional fees. Delivery dates are approximateSee Recovery Solutions, LLC accepts no responsibility in the case of delays in delivery for whatever reason once the unit is accepted by UPS.

Payment of rental/shipping fees may be made with VISA®, MASTERCARD®, DISCOVER®, DINERS CLUB®, JCB® & AMERICAN EXPRESS® credit cards.  Payment is charged at the time of rental and must be received prior to shipping of the merchandise.

Lessee understands that the FaceDownWalker® is for rental use only and may show minimal damages due to normal wear and tear that should not interfere with your recovery.  Upon reception of the FaceDownWalker® unit, the lessee must examine the equipment and any rented accessories/equipment to ensure that they are in working condition.  Any anomaly or imperfection must be indicated in writing on the date of arrival on the enclosed receipt. It is highly recommended that pictures of any damage along with the receipt be emailed immediately to with “equipment received damaged” in the subject line as well as placing a phone call to See Recovery Solutions, LLC at 323-447-3222 to alert us of the situation.

The lessee agrees to care for the equipment and assumes all risk of any and all damages to, loss of or theft of the FaceDownWalker® unit while in their possession.  In the event the FaceDownWalker® unit is lost or stolen while in their possession the lessee will be charged full replacement cost of $300.00.  The risk of damage/loss remains with the lessee during the time between UPS acknowledging delivery to the lessee and acceptance of the FaceDownWalker® unit for return shipment from the lessee.

The lessee agrees to advise See Recovery Solutions, LLC of any extension to the initial duration of rental and will be billed at Twenty dollars per day past the original rental agreement until See Recovery Solutions, LLC has received notice from UPS that the FaceDownWalker® unit has been received by them for return.  The lessee is allowed up to two days after the rental period to deliver the FaceDownWalker® unit to UPS.  Any change in the original return shipping costs remain at the expense of the lessee.

Also, the lessee agrees to return the FaceDownWalker® unit and any other included rented accessories/equipment/printed instructions, upon expiration of the lease, to the offices of See Recovery Solutions, LLC in the same condition as received at the time of delivery.

See Recovery Solutions, LLC makes no medical representation regarding the use of the FaceDownWalker® and may not be held responsible for any medical problems that the lessee may have which arise or result in any way from any medical treatment of any kind rendered to the lessee by a physician or other health care provider.  Although the FaceDownWalker® is designed to relieve pain caused by stress on the muscles that support the head we do not claim that it will entirely do so in every individual case.

For safety purposes, the FaceDownWalker® is disinfected and parts replaced, as needed in-between rentals.  See Recovery Solutions, LLC does not assume responsibility for any bacterial or microbial transmission.  The FaceDownWalker® unit is rented “as is”, See Recovery Solutions, LLC is not responsible for any modifications made to the FaceDownWalker® unit after it ships.

By renting the FaceDownWalker® unit the lessee is accepting that they are using the FaceDownWalker® unit at their own risk.

By renting the FaceDownWalker® the lessee is agreeing that only the lessee will be using the FaceDownWalker® unit.  See Recovery Solutions, LLC is not responsible for any consequences connected to using the FaceDownWalker® unit.  Also, know that for the safety and comfort of the lessee the forehead pad is provided washed/disinfected or is replaced with a new pad as needed after each rental.

Clicking on the box to place an order signifies acceptance of the Rental Terms and Conditions and authorizes that the lessee’s credit card will be charged the stated amount.